Book Store Organization Structure

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Ordering department:
Ordering department is consisting of the book ordering and supplier information part. Book ordering section provides the books that finished or going to be finished at the bookstore. Supplier information section survey the new books that published by publishers.
Ads and Sales department:
This department organized by offline shopping section and marketing section. On offline shopping center customers see the book from the website of the company, pay money for company, call the company, informed the company about payment and company check the payment and send the book for customers. Marketing section provide for bookstore new customers with advertisement.
Customer Support department:
Phone answering and delivery system are two section of customer support department. In phone answering part mostly customer call and ask about the new book that arrived or not? In delivery section when bookstore posts a book for someone, call customers and ask about how was the delivery? Get feed information about customer that he is satisfied or not.
Human recourse and Payroll department:
This department such as other company manages human resource and payroll of employers. Also this part help bookstore fully utilize employees.

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