Information Technology and Organizational Transformation – The Puzzle Pieces

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The puzzle frames ||:

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– All managers must start with the same four pieces: strategy, information technology, structure, and leadership.

– Organizations differ not according to the number of pieces they choose to use in completing their specific puzzle, but as a result of the different shapes of the pieces they choose.

– Solving the management puzzle, consists of:

– Examining the available pieces and selecting those which will both interlock effectively

– Presenting a harmonious and well-composed picture to the outside world,

– Fill the specific frame with which their environment presents them.

– Traditional business design always start with strategy. Next came a structure to support the strategy and, finally, new management and IT systems to make the structure work.

– Today, designing a business requires non-linear thinking that can start with any one of the four pieces and then proceed in a dynamic, interactive, and continually evolving fashion.

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